BDK F.I.T. Kid Academy

Bdk F.I.T Kid Academy

Looking for a program for your kids, ages 5-12, that seamlessly integrates the benefits of yoga, the discipline of the martial arts, the strength of calisthenics, and the skills of tumbling?

Our curriculum is based on understanding and developing 6 pillars:   

  1. Movement

  2. Nutrition

  3. Environment

  4. Intellect

  5. Relationships

  6. Emotions


Our Children will learn what each of these pillars represent and how they can develop each pillar through their daily decisions while allowing mistakes to become lessons. We hope to build a future of exceptional humans who accept and love who they are as well as the people around them.  We also want them to be excellent movers, disciplined students, fierce, yet peaceful warriors, respectful and assertive young people who will understand when to raise their warrior to fight and when to accept, in peace, the surrender.


Keys to our Movement Practice:

  1. Meditation

  2. Budokon Yoga

  3. Calisthenics/Animal Locomotion

  4. Tumbling

  5. Martial Arts Striking

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Before every Warrior rises to fight, we sit.  We learn to sit with our thoughts, assess the roots of what disturbs us and then determine if the fight is worth it.  In a World filled with distractions, this is one of the hardest aspects of life, even for adults.  By getting our kids comfortable with being quiet with their thoughts will help them navigate future conflicts with clear and thought provoking vision.


Budokon Yoga

Integrating breath work and alignment principles while exploring our bodies, how they move and developing control are key features that Budokon embodies.  The creator of Budokon, Cameron Shayne, has been developing this movement system for over 30 years and his experience as an accomplished Martial Artist, Yogi, and Philospher has allowed him to create something that has had a direct impact on the way we move.  We learn from him, collaborate with him and can attest to his brilliant movement system and the impact it has on people's lives. Our kids love it and so will yours.

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Animal Locomotion & Calisthenics

Another brilliant way to get our kids to explore movement and develop strength while having fun.  Gorillas, crocodiles, chimpanzee's, grasshoppers, bullfrogs and spinning monkeys are only a few names for the movements that will help develop the kids upper and lower limb strength, agility, mobility and power.   It's amazing to watch the kids jump right in and put their own signature on these movements.


Tumbling Skills:

Basic tumbling skills will be taught in a safe environment and will cover things like forward/backward rolling, dive rolls, balance work, cartwheels, handstands, handsprings etc.  Learning to fall is, sometimes the best way to teach our kids how to get back up  and keep going.  

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Martial Arts Striking

Our kids will learn proper technique and develop the discipline they need to be the doers this World so desperately needs.  Learning the basics, through discussion, participation and repetition will keep our kids on the edge of constant growth. They will learn and honor a variety of Martial Art Methodology and Philosophy.