Our F.I.T. Fusion Class is our Signature class that includes the integration of our custom Reformers with traditional strength and floor work. You won't find another class like this anywhere!

Our F.I.T. Fusion Class is our Signature class that includes the integration of our custom Reformers with traditional strength and floor work. You won't find another class like this anywhere!

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F.I.T. Classes

F.I.T. Classes are small group experiences which range from classes with 2 people to a maximum number of 16 people.  FreeStyle Integrated Training (F.I.T.) works to strengthen (build muscle), condition (cardiovascular endurance), burn away body fat, increase mobility and flexibility. Our custom designed workout apparatus, cardio boxing program, free weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, TRX suspension system along with various other equipment keep workouts fresh and challenging.  

Below are a list of f.i.t. classes we offer:


F.I.T. Cardio

A popular class for any fitness junkie who wants to take their fitness to another level. Expect explosive movements, strength and endurance. Perfect for any fitness level as adjustments and modifications are always taught and demonstrated.


F.I.t. Sculpt

Focus in this class is developing glute strength, mobility in the hip joint and developing a greater mind/muscle connection. Learning how to keep your glutes engaged and "fired" up to improve strength and posture is one of the keys to preventing and treating back injury. All levels with watchful eyes on form and technique.

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F.I.T Striking

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) meets boxing and a total body conditioning class. Class begins with a warm up, shadow box session, moves into skill development, mitt work and cardio stations. Note: Gloves and hand wraps are a must for this class. We do have them available for your first class, and/or to purchase thereafter.

All levels are welcome, no experience necessary.


F.I.T. Circuit/Method

Expect the unexpected in these total body classes featuring our custom bungee resistance bands, our custom Reformers and a variety of fitness equipment. Each class is carefully crafted to offer the right balance of strength, cardio, endurance, mobility and fat blasting fun. All levels


F.I.T. Fusion

Our Signature Class keeps you moving through floor exercises and core strengthening, muscle burning movements on our custom designed Reformer Machines. These are not your average Pilates Reformers...expect to squat, lunge. push up, pike and pull your way on top of this spring loaded apparatus. The best part, little to no impact on your joints allowing you to feel the burn in your muscles, not your bones. All levels


F.I.T. Reformer

These semi-private classes are offered to anyone seeking to improve core strength, flexibility, toned muscles and balance. Only 4 people maximum allowed making this as close to a personal training session as you can get for a fraction of the cost. Each participant gets their own Reformer for the duration of class. This class is a must try. All levels.


Art of MOvement (a.o.m.)

Everything about this class is dedicated to further your understanding of your own body, to assess your strengths and work on any weakness or restriction found in your body. We focus on every joint, from fingers to toes. Hips and shoulders are given priority due to the complex structure of the joints. Breath, flow, transition, control, animal locomotion, martial arts, hatha yoga, and art are only a few words to describe this class. All levels


Personal Training

Our personal trainers are capable of modifying any exercise in order to make each individual feel comfortable and motivated in our gym. Your trainers will sit down with you, discuss your health and lifestyle goals, and create a custom training program that will create lasting results. Combining the right style of exercise along with a personalized nutrition regimen has created guaranteed success for all of our current and previous clients, and we can do the same for you!

I can tell a lot about a person just by watching them move. Every move we make should be a direct representation of who we are, our values, our choices, our consciousness and our willingness to change to be a better version of our current selves”
— Gina Tralongo Founder FreeStyle Fitness

Learn to move by feeling, assessing, re-directing, controlling and believing that you are born to connect, move and share.  There is no "wrong" in movement, only constant energy shifting and balancing.  unlock the secrets to your best life with movement.