Our Story

have you ever had the feeling that you were meant to do something more with your life, that you weren't living up to your true potential and that you were not utilizing your god given talents and gifts for a greater purpose?


We know the feeling...

  Gina and Shawn met as trainers at a local gym and their friendship grew stronger as they began working out together, hanging out together and facing various life obstacles together.  Gina was a single mom and working 2 other jobs while making her mark as a trainer and fitness instructor.  Shawn had been devoting all his hours into building his career as one of the most versatile trainers in the Capital District.  This guy can and has trained anyone, including athletes, elderly,  kids, students, career minded people, people suffering with various diseases, illness and everyone in between.  He created a loyal following and when Gina and Shawn were faced with major shifts in the direction their careers were headed, they decided to take control of their future together.  As their friendship moved to relationship status, they decided to risk it all in order to be in control of their own future!  They opened FreeStyle Fitness with a clear vision offering exceptional, personalized service, intelligent program design, small group classes, personal training, nutrition services and has now expanded their vision to include their F.I.T. retreat lifestyle programs.  Their desire to be transparent in their quest to provide the best fitness and health programs while allowing others to  unlock their potential, conquer fears and develop lifelong changes to enhance each clients life, is their mission.   You will not find more dedicated, harder working, and genuine people to help you create a balanced life.  What are you waiting for?