Testimonials & Reviews

Exceptional. knowledgeable, creative.  Always a challenge...this by far, hands down, the best fitness facility in the Capital Region!!  Keep up the good work FreeStyle! Proud to be a member at this studio."  Patti T.  July 2016 (MindBody Review)

"Can't say enough about this place!  Amazing facility with knowledgeable, skilled and friendly trainers.  Unique and one of a kind!  Always something different, never the same!  I'm addicted!' JACKIE T. Nov 2016 (Google Review)

"Great class with Kelly.  Very challenging, yet fun. She's great and so is everyone at FreeStyle." Darcy S. April 2016  (MindBody Review)

"This class was amazing and so was Gina.  I loved her energy and strong disposition.  Super hard and fun class."  Anna K. May 2016 (review from Mind Body)

"Love, love, LOVE Fusion!.  I wish I could do it everyday!"  Heather M. Nov. 2015 (review from MindBody)

"I was there for the Spartan Workout. The coaches were amazing and knowledgeable about the exercises. They were personable, friendly and encouraged all participants. The workout was challenging but they made it fun!" Deborah O.  Oct. 2016  (FB Review)

"Super awesome facility with amazing instructors. Amazing classes designed by teachers who really know what they're doing! Love Their Ultimate Fusion and Yoga classes!"  Caitlin M. May 2015 (FB Review)

"A truly fantastic place to get into and stay in shape.
 If you are looking to be inspired try here. 
A happy place to be fit"  Bob H. 2016 (Google Review)

"All classes at FreeStyle are Amazing.  Off the Wall with Shawn H. is always challenging and different every time.  You can't get bored. I love all the teachers, Shawn, Gina, Anna and Jim.  Everyone is a Rockstar and it's a GREAT atmosphere.  Thanks for making me better FreeStyle!" Darcy S. April 2016 (MindBody Review)

"Amazing Fusion class...can't wait to take more!"  Denise F. Aug. 2014 (FB Review)

"The best in town!!" Anna F. May 2015 (MindBody Review)

"This gym and the trainers are the real deal!! They teach you the right way to get fit. Awesome classes and a fun environment!!"  Theresa S. 2016 (Google Review)

"I have been going to Freestyle for a few weeks now for various different classes and I could not speak more highly of a studio. 
All of the instructors are knowledgable and challenging.
The studio offers a wide variety of classes from personal training sessions to bootcamp, to HIIT style classes, pilates reformers and yoga!
There is literally a class for every type of person and every type of exercise. 
They offer a ton of great class time options too." Natalie D. 2015 (Google Review)

"Loved the bootcamp style and Ultimate Fusion 50 Combination.  Awesome workout.  Gina and Shawn are the BEST!!" Tiffany N.  May 2015 (MindBody Review)

"Absolutely LOVED Tabata/HIIT with Kelly.  Killer workout first thing in the morning! Take a class, you won't regret it!!   Rita D.  May 2016 (MindBody Review)

"Awesome workout.  Different every week. I look forward to it every Saturday." Lindsey O.  Jan. 2015 (MindBody Review)

"Killer workout that doesn't feel work with Gina's fun and enjoyable instruction style.  Love it !! Lisa S. Jan. 2016 (MindBody Review)

"FreeStyle Circuit Class with Shawn IS CRAZY!. (But in the best way)"  Julie S. Jan 2015

"Great Fusion Class with Shawn.  All Classes are different and great!" Cathryn L. Jan. 2015 (MindBody Review)

"Ultimate Fusion 50 is a MUST TRY!  Awesome Full Body workout!" Tiffany N. April 2015 (MindBody Review)

"Anna's class is amazing and fun.  She is an excellent instructor." Darcy S.  Dec. 2015  (MindBody)

"Great trainers! A variety of classes. Plenty of chances through the day and week to learn something new about your body or be challenged! Of course it's a fun, kickass atmosphere!" Liz A. Oct. 2016 (FB Review)

"I went to Off the Wall and it was amazing. Awesome workout. Can't wait to go back and do it again"  Kaitlyn M. Oct 2015 (FB Review)

"Amazing trainers!! Love the way they think outside the box!!!" Jen M. 2015 (FB Review)

"Awesome studio! Awesome, knowledgeable, and inspiring staff! Awesome classes on the schedule! I highly recommend this place to anyone at any fitness level." Jerry P. Mar. 2015 (FB Review)

"This place is amazing!!!  Whatever your fitness needs are, they can meet them.  Ultimate Fusion 50 classes are always challenging, forcing you to step outside of your comfort zone and take it to the next level.  Bootcamps are energetic and fast paced-you work with weights that you're comfortable handling and can progress at whatever speed you'd like. Shawn, the instructor is always willing to help out with form and pushes you without being pushy.  Gina, who leads many of the Ultimate Fusion and Freestyle Series classes provides an upbeat and intense workout.  She's a ton of fun to be around, and makes you forget that you're there busting you a**.  I've gotten to take a yoga class with Rebecca as well and even though I've taken yoga before, I learned a lot from her and even accomplished a few new things-all in one class!  I can't say enough good things about this place-if you haven't tried it out yet-what are you waiting for??? " Leslie T. 2015 (Google Review)

"Great Place. The classes are intimate, the workouts and routines are different every session, and Shaun does a VERY good job of planning out a session (sometimes on the fly).  I've had sessions where boxing is mixed with kettle bells, and resistance bands; others where we've done weight training, mixed with cardio/ plyo, mixed with corssfit type movements. Most of the movements are relatively simple, but the co-mingling of them makes the actual workout itself complex. I've been going weekly for 5-6 months and I can't say that we've ever done the same thing.  

The other plus is that every workout is scaleable so any fitness level is welcomed. Come check it out"  Dan O. 2015 (Google Review) 

"Free Style offers a ton of great classes and I love them all!! I'd highly recommend to anyone who wants a creative workout. The classes are always different which is great!!" Lindsey O. 2015 (FB Review)

"Love this place! Great trainers. Always a challenge and leave feeling great. Highly recommend trying it out!" Christine H.  2014 (FB Review)

"Beautiful facility. Fun challenging class! Ultimate fusion 50 is the real deal!"  Michelle P. 2015 (FB Review)

"This studio is amazing! The instructors are professional, fun and give you an incredible workout. I love what you feel when you walk in the door! It's a place where you can be yourself, challenge your body and relax the mind. A one of a kind place that truly surpasses any experience I've had in a corporate run gym. A perfect balance for anyone! I highly recommend!" Karen G.M.  October 2014 (FB Review)

"Ultimate fusion is amazing !!!!! Great full body work out and superior instruction!!!! Loved it !!! Cannot wait to do it again!!!!!"  Lisa J. Sept. 2014  (FB Review)

" Shawn and Gina - you are awesome! Thanks for making me work for it!" Paula K.  Nov. 2014 (FB Review)

"Freestyle fitness & yoga is the best workout in Albany! I LOVE this place!  I have been coming faithfully for over a year and I am always challenged and motivated. They have the most innovative classes.   Try "off the wall " and "ultimate  fusion".  You will never go back to your old routine." Julie S. Feb. 2016 (Yelp Review)

"Love the space, the trainers, and the classes!  It's never difficult to motivate when you get to work out with friends."  Lisa N. 2016 (Google Review)